SEMS sets the standard for supplier sustainability in the supply chain. Achieving SEMScredentials provides  third-party verification that a company's sustainability policies, processes and procedures are functional and not just self proclamations. 

ACF Enterprises, LLC has become a leader in sustainability education and certification. In an effort to help small and diverse businesses become more competitive, ACF partners with government agencies, major corporations and business development organizations to provide sustainability learning to a wide variety of audiences. 

The Institute for Sustainable Business Education (ISBE) is ACF's business unit dedicated to sustainability and economic inclusion training.  Through the Institute, ACF offers a unique supplier development program that leads to sustainability certification.  The SEMScurriculum focuses on learning best practices to mitigate risks and improve sustainability performance in the areas of environmental and social responsibility. 

SEMS™ Certification is more of a process.The courseware is designed to give supplier companies a comprehensive knowledge of sustainability across multiple functional areas, along with skills for internal and external supply chain sustainability leadership.

Most entrepreneurs are unprepared to face the environmental, social and economic challenges of today's marketplace. But, when sustainability is understood and “owned” at the executive level, and when it is strongly linked to the company’s mission, a transformation takes place. SEMS™ is an acronym for Supplier Excellence in Managing Sustainability​The SEMS™  methodology makes “real change” happen by providing the education, guidance and tools to align tier suppliers with sustainability requirements end-to-end in the supply chain.

A tri-level development process moves the supplier along a continuum of continuous improvements, whereby sustainability-based thinking, perspectives and behavior are integrated into day-to-day operating procedures. The proprietary SEMSmethodology is designed to fully engage the supplier to identify actions that best address priorities and benchmark progress towards a total transformation to maximizing resources and minimizing waste in business operations.


Don't worry, there's no need to sit through training for a significant chunk of your workday. SEMS courses are modular in design and completely online. So you can stop at any time and return to the training at your convenience. 




It is crucial for suppliers up and down the supply chain to manage environmental and social risks, while improving efficiency  in operations and creating value. The SEMS Supplier Sustainability Assessment is a first step in analyzing impacts and and prioritizing action steps.

​​In today's complex global business environment, a supplier company's success boils down to efficiency and effectiveness. Of course, any company can claim to support supply chain sustainability. However, a SEMS Certified business can produce a training certificate as evidence of knowledge, skills and ability to support sustainability capabilities; an action plan that guides integrating sustainability into operations, and third-party verification that sustainability policies and practices are functional and not just self-proclamations. 



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The SEMS™ methodology provides tools and techniques for visualizing, planning prioritizing stakeholders, monitoring and measuring progress, and reporting continuous improvement. SEMS supports suppliers to create and implement a sustainability program.

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